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Design Examples at Key User-Journey Moments.

Waveguide captures different examples of business to customer moments, communication surfaces and product experiences. We also augment every example with color, readability, sentiment and more.

UX Showcases

CX/UX Solutions

Waveguide documents and curates new and innovative solutions that create diffentiated user experiences, so you can speed up your time to market and solve product problems faster.

View CX/UX Solutions

Landing Page Showcase

Landing Page Inspiration and eCommerce Wisdom.

Waveguide indexes and augments thousands of landing pages,mobile landing pages, and eCommerce Storefronts so you can understand how different companies and brands deliver their message and communicate with their audiences.

View Landing Pages Examples

Mobile Patterns

iOS and Android Design Examples

Waveguide collects and augments examples of thousand of iOS and Android Apps and their UX approaches. All examples are classified by screen type, UI control, color, platform and more.

View Mobile Apps Screenshots

App store screenshots examples

App Store Presence Inspiration.

Waveguide indexes the top iOS and Android App Store Presence examples (App Icons, App Store Screenshots and App Store Descriptions.) Building an app in a particular category like food? Simply filter by food and see how the top food apps design their App Store branding and presence.

View App Store Presence Examples

Web Illustrations

Web Illustration Examples

Waveguide collects and classifies hundreds of illustration examples that are used in landing pages, marketing material, onboarding flows and more. If you want to get inspiration for your next illustration simply filter down by color and/or category to get a large list of curated examples.

View Web Illustration Examples

Deeper Understanding with Artificial Augmentation

Waveguide runs every captured example through an augmentation engine to understand key design factors like color, language classification, readability, sentiment, tone and more.

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