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✋ What is it?

This is a physical solution found in the Bareburger restaurant tables. Each table has a small painted area where you put the glass over if you want a refill of your beverage.

🤲 How does this interaction or solution work?

Bareburger is a burger joint with several locations on the US east coast and other parts of the world.

In Bareburger customers are seated and served by waiters. As with many casual dining restaurants, free refills for soft-drinks are complimentary.

Usually, refilling a drink happens as the result of an interaction between the customer and the waiter. Most of the times waiters approach the table and ask the customer if they want a refill. In some cases, customers may be the ones who call the waiter and ask for a refill.

Is also common when waiters give refills without asking the customer. In this case the waiters usually just check the level of the drinks in the tables they are serving and refill them if they seem low.

Bareburger takes a different and more cost-effective approach to handle refills.
In each table, there are small painted areas with a dashed circle and a label that reads "Refill Me."

If a customer wants his/her drink refilled, they just need to place their glass inside this painted area. When the glass is inside this area, the waiter simply approaches the table takes the glass, refills it and brings it back.

This decreases the amount of verbal interaction between the customer and the waiter but, if needed, it gives more opportunities for the customer to interact with the waiter verbally.

🙌 How does this interaction or solution work?

Reducing Cognitive Load and Discoverability.

This approach maximizes the cost-effectiveness of only refilling the beverage when the customer wants it and the convenience of reduced interactions between the server and the customers.

Waiters also benefit from this approach since they perform this particular task of their job in a more organized way.

This solution also works perfectly as a discoverability mechanism since customers know from the exact moment they sit on the table that the restaurant offers refills.

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