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✋ What is it?

This is a solution found in All articles in Bloomberg that mention a publicly traded company showcase a side widget with the company's ticker and real-time trading data.

🤲 How does this interaction or solution work?

In the last years, Bloomberg has been leveraging all their data and media knowledge to grow and strengthen their digital media business, and allow their audience to have a new medium to consume financial news.

One great example of this strategy is the use of real-time stock data in their editorial and news articles.

When users visit and read an article, they will notice that a small side widget that shows up to the left of the article when a publicly traded company is mentioned.

This widget contains all the tickers of the mentioned companies and their real-time (or last known) trading numbers. Users can interact with this widget and go to the dedicated stock detail pages where they can see more data about those specific stock, see related news and add the stocks to their watchlist.

🙌 How does this interaction or solution work?

Just in Time and Navigability.

Financial news and data are critical sources of information used by thousands of professionals around the world. Bloomberg has been the undisputed leader in this area by creating the first financial news channel and providing the largest real-time financial data platform in the world. stays true to this mission and provide its users with a significant stream of financial data. By providing contextual and real-time information on the stocks mentioned in their articles, Bloomberg can offer the same level of experience that a professional trader can get from a Bloomberg terminal.

Not only, this functionality provides the information at the right time, but also by doing it, is improving the navigability of their website avoiding long paths to find stock information about companies mentioned in their articles.

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