Chase Invest Account Upsell

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✋ What is it?

This is a solution found in the Chase Mobile App. Chase detects wire transfers to financial services like investment accounts, and it upsells its services in that category of financial products.

🤲 How does this interaction or solution work?

Chase, like most major banks, has a consumer mobile app that allows its customers to check the balance of their accounts and manage the different aspects of their used financial services.

One essential feature of bank apps is the ability to see an outline of past transactions. This feature is likely one of the most used functionalities of any bank app and therefore is prime real estate to engage with users.

Chase detects when a wire or charge is associated with a financial company that has a competing product and upsells their offering by showing a banner under the transaction item in the transaction history view.

When users tap the banner, they are taken to a landing page that describes the product and invites them to sign up for it.

🙌 How does this interaction or solution work?

💀Potentially Dark, Upsell, Inferring Context, Just in Time

At Waveguide, we are not entirely sure about the value of this solution when it comes to helping the end-user.

Companies need to create products that balance the value they bring to the users with their business goals (to learn more about this topic, read our article on Designed Inconveniences).

In this case, upselling a product should be a harmless design choice, but the fact that this upsell happens as a result of analyzing the user's transaction data seems invasive at the very least.

On the positive side, it could be argued that this solution allows users who want to consolidate their financial products to discover something useful. Showing this information in context and at a time where the user may be more inclined to evaluate and opt-in for this offering, could create a more genuine interaction path between the customer and the bank.

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