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siteinspire is an excellent resource for agent designers that are looking to learn from the latest landing page and website styles. We like all the things they do and their extensive collection of rare websites.

Our favorite feature is their filter functionality that allows visitors to narrow down the existing collection by different criteria like platform and styles.

If you like siteinspire filtering functionality we believe you would love Waveguide's. Waveguide collects landing pages, mobile landing pages, and e-commerce homepages. You can narrow down your searches by category and color. Our collections come with all sorts of data like readability and read-time which are useful when evaluating a landing page or website.

Just like siteinspire we have collected thousands of websites, however, one main difference is that our screenshots are full-page snaps so you don't have to live our website to understand the full context of the pages that you're exploring.

Overall we love siteinspire but we definitely think that if you want to take your inspiration routines to the next level you have to try Waveguide.

Here is a short summary of features that Waveguide website inspiration collection has (and siteinspire doesn't):

  • Color Filtering
  • Color Analysis
  • Read Time Analysis
  • Readability Analysis
  • Full Page Screenshots
  • Mobile Landing Pages
  • Other Useful Inspiration Content (UX Patterns, App Store Presence, etc)
  • Personal Accounts with Collection Saving and Sharing

We think of Waveguide as a siteinspire on steroids. It's the most powerful and complete inspiration tool out there and if you like siteinspire we are sure you're gonna love Waveguide.

Start getting some inspiration by visiting one of the following inspiration indexes:

Landing Page Inspiration

Mobile Landing Page Inspiration

Ecommerce Homepage Inspiration

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