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Waveguide is a curated and searchable base of design knowledge, UX/UI patterns and design examples for research and inspiration.

The Waveguide Knowledge Base currently features bite-sized explanations of design patterns, mobile examples (iOS and Android screenshots) and landing page examples (web screenshots).

Waveguide's goal is to create an outstanding repository of referenceable concepts that can help designers and developers to build amazing and high-quality products.

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Recently Viewed UX Patterns

Discover interaction design principles and UX patterns applied into real products.

Popular UX Patterns Categories

UX Concepts frequently browsed and shared by the Waveguide community.

Recently Viewed iOS Screenshots

Multiple examples of iOS app taken in iPhone and iPhone X.

Recently Viewed Android Screenshots

Multiple examples of Android apps taken in 19:6 devices.

Recently Viewed Landing Pages

Multiple examples of beautiful landing Pages as seen on a desktop browser.