Why Great UX & UI Design Is Vital To Your E-Commerce Success

Business owners frequently think about new strategies and methods to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One great way to make your business stand out is with unique UX/UI design on your website.

You may have heard these terms used before when people talk about a website or a mobile application. A lot of people assume that it’s the same thing, but that couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s important to understand the difference and the applications of the two in order to successfully integrate design elements that will make your website or application appealing to the end user.

So how are UX and UI different?

UX stands for User Experience, which refers to the feeling the user gets while browsing through the site. UI stands for User Interface, which is the mix of elements and factors put together to create a pleasant UX. You could say that the elements that make up the UI together contribute to the overall UX.

What are the features of UX and UI?

Being able to provide a great user experience means that your users ultimately enjoyed a pleasant encounter with your business. When they enjoy a good user experience, they are much more likely to recommend your site to others. Here are the main features of UI:


When it comes to social media platforms, simplicity is especially important. Your app and your website should also have a simple, pleasant design and color scheme. If you consider any of your favorite applications, I’m willing to bet it has a pretty simple layout and visual look.


Another important factor is conciseness. You want people to interact with your site. Therefore, you must make it easy for users to do so. If people cannot navigate their way through your site, they will easily get distracted and want to leave. Ensure a concise flow to minimize drop-offs.

Feedback & Response

The time that it takes for feedback & response is also important to consider. The user should know when the task that they are trying to finish is completed and how to move onto the next step. If it’s too long, again, there is a risk of drop-offs. The point is to keep it quick and easy.

User Support

Finally, it is essential for your site or application to have great user support. When people run into issues or need some clarification, you just may be able to keep them on a little longer by providing them with support. That way, they will be able to solve their problem easily.

How important are UX and UI?

Studies indicate that users consider design one of the most important factors in determining whether they will stay on the page or not. This means that UX and UI are the most important things when it comes to the overall success (or lack thereof) of your website. As internet shopping and browsing continue to grow, it becomes increasingly important to have a site with outstanding UX/UI design. There are lots of options nowadays, so if a competitor makes the process easier, you’ll be losing customers.

UX and UI are important in the process of user acquisition and retention. It’s pretty simple math: If you build something that users like and enjoy using, they’ll stick around. Of course, look and feel of the product makes a difference. The overall satisfaction or lack of satisfaction with the user experience will ultimately make a difference in sales.

How do UX and UI make a difference in business?

The e-commerce age is well upon us, and a big portion of sales dollars are earned online every year. The internet is no longer just a place to gather information, but to purchase products, interact with people, and enjoy entertainment.

For any online business to succeed, a website with a great user experience is essential. A site that is unattractive and difficult to use will do no good for your sales. With a good user experience, you are not only attracting customers but assuring them that they matter enough for you to create a great experience for them. It also makes you more trustworthy, much like people are more likely to take a well-dressed person seriously. It can do wonders for your sales if you only get it right!

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