Why Every Startup Needs A UX Designer

Entrepreneurs have got a lot to worry about. They need to get funding, manage a team, market their product, and get customers. And we can’t forget about developing and improving the product itself! Chances are UX design doesn’t even come close to being on that list of priorities. However, UX design is a lot more important for your startup than you’d think. It’s no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. The modern business, be it a startup or a large enterprise, needs a UX designer. These experts will make sure that everyone working for your company words towards one cohesive goal: offering an incredible user experience to your target audience.

What’s UX design?

UX design, also known as user experience design, has been a buzzword for quite some time. However, it isn’t just a trend. UX design is here to stay. Consumer expectations are rising and buyers now expect great experiences throughout the purchase process. When you are able to offer an incredible user experience to your customers, they’re much more likely to spread the good word and perhaps even come back to make another purchase.

Demand for UX design is rising as a growing number of people enjoy the convenience of mobile devices. They become accustomed to instant gratification and a quick-and-easy process. This is not something that will be going away any time soon. More and more people are using the internet by the day and consumers want to enjoy an online experience that helps them get what they came for not only in an easy way but an engaging way.

Why do I need a UX designer?

9 out of 10 startups fail. That’s just the fact of the matter. Most of the time the problem isn’t that nobody wants the product but that there isn’t a market need for it. UX designers are able to delve into the market before you enter it. They learn about your potential target audience before you even begin putting together a website design. This market research can be incredibly useful and will help you provide an experience that your target audience actually wants and needs. Your website is the shopfront of your online image so whether you are selling coffee, social media management services, or weed, you need to be catching their attention early on. Consumers who click through to a website with a poor user experience will simply leave and check out competitors with something better.

People who have had bad experiences with your site aren’t going to recommend it to their friends. In fact, they probably won’t even come back. UX designers are able to figure out what target audiences what ahead of time so that they can formulate a strategy in order to present the product in a way that exceeds their expectations.

Remember – today’s business world is online. Chances are your website includes a transaction page. That’s where you seal the deal. How can you expect to make sales if people struggle to find information and navigate your site all the way to the checkout page? It’s important that you accommodate the people visiting your site. The easier you make the process, the more likely they are to get all the way through to checkout before they leave thinking that you’re a great business.

What does a UX designer do?
Want to make sure you’re that 1 out of 10 startups that do make it through? A UX designer can help. Here are steps that they will be going through to make sure you see success:

  1. Carry out competitor analysis for a deeper understanding of the market by assessing the opportunities and threats.
  2. Identify the unique value proposition (UVP) to differentiate the product from others in the market.
  3. Test and improve the UVP.
  4. Generate user profiles and figure out how to reach them.
  5. Do prototyping on the product and carry out usability research until it is refined to be the product that the target audience wants and needs.

How do I make UX design a part of my startup?

It’s important for everyone in your company to be on board with UX design. Educate and communicate with your team so that everyone knows what they are supposed to be working towards. Designers in particular should have a deep understanding of what they want to deliver to the customer. Encourage them to look for mentors outside of the business so that they can stay up-to-date in the industry and learn things that they might not be able to learn otherwise. Set aside time each week for your designers to do personal research and work on their own projects. This encourages creativity and may even pay off for your company.

In conclusion

UX design is a crucial part of any business. That includes startups too. To ensure that you are meeting consumer demands and expectations, hire a UX designer to join your team.

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