What Does a Great Mobile App UI Looks Like?

  • Minimize Cognitive Load

Cognitive load is the amount of brain power required to use an app. The human brain has a limited amount of processing power, so when an app provides too much information at once, it can really overwhelm the user, making them abandon it.

  • Decluttering

Cutting out clutter is one of the best things you can do for good design. By decluttering your interface, you can avoid overloading users with too much information. It is terrible on a desktop, but it’s even worse on mobile, as the screens are a lot smaller. It’s essential to get rid of anything in a mobile design that isn’t absolutely necessary because reducing clutter will improve the design and functionality. Keep content to a minimum on the user interface and present the user only with what they need to know. A simple design will keep the user at ease with the product.

  • Offload Tasks

For the parts that require user effort like entering data, making a decision and whatnot, try to look for alternatives like the ability to reuse previously entered data instead.

  • Break Down Tasks

If the user has to perform multiple steps and actions, it’s best to divide such tasks into subtasks. This is important in mobile design because you don’t want to create too much complexity for the user at one time.

  • User Input

Typing on a small mobile screen isn’t the most comfortable experience. Try to keep forms as short as possible by removing unnecessary fields and ask for only the bare minimum of information from the user. Provide input masks. Field masking is a method that helps users format text where a mask appears once a user focuses on a field, and it formats the text automatically as the field is being filled out, helping users to focus on the required data and notice errors more easily.

  • Keyboard

Make the keyboard as smart as possible by displaying a numeric keyboard when asking for phone number, and include the @ button when asking for an email address. This feature should be implemented throughout the app and makes everything more convenient.

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