Popular UI Design and Trends for Web and Mobile in 2018

The user interface (UI) is an integral part of any app or website out there. It needs to be accessible, engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, it has to be functional. With that said, here are the hottest UI design trends that might boost your website to the next level.

Several Interactive Layers

UI designers are always looking for new ways to make their web page exciting and engaging. Interactive layers design is the newest trend out there, as it presents the users with something to look forward to with each scroll. It makes the browsing experience much more interactive and authentic.

Custom Digital Illustrations

Digital illustration hasn’t, and probably never will, lose their position as one of the most effective ways to attract users attention. The illustrations can be used to convey messages to the users through custom graphics, allowing them to digest, otherwise long and tedious, information quickly. It’s also the best tool for you to show off your brand’s originality and creativity.

Digital illustrations are everywhere, from the icons, infographics, web page, navigation tab, and everything in between. It’s a good way to build a unique user experience (UX), and it can even have more practical uses as well. For example, you can include a way to help dyslexic users to understand your content through visual media. Not only that you’re creating making your web more accessible, but it will show that you care about your customers, no matter who they are. It’s a strong brand-building tactic that’s not too difficult to implement. You just need to do a little bit of a market research and see who your main user demographics are and base your illustration designs around their preferences.

Storytelling with Character Design

On with the illustration design, storytelling and character design are some of the most under-utilized UI enhancement techniques out there. By using a relatable character to explain through a well-written story that’s relevant to your users, you are building a bond between your users and the brand. You can use this technique to teach users how to use your app or website while simultaneously making a connection with them on a personal level.

Split Screens

When you hear “split screens” you might imagine a video game with your siblings used to play together back in the days, and you won’t be far off. When it comes to UI design, it refers to when you show two pieces of information or options simultaneously on each half of the screen. This way, you are allowing the user to really digest the information and relate them to one another. Some websites use the dual-design to show the equal importance of both options, and it can be used for many things. For example, a survey can really benefit from having a good looking split screen, as people will always be engaged with what you’re asking them.

For a mobile UI design, you will need to consider the screen brightness and readability of your texts as well. Some phones have smaller display area than the other, so you need to make sure that no matter the size of the screen, your texts and illustrations can be read at half screen size.

Buttonless UI

This is an innovative design which is the result of creative experimentations with mobile users. By eliminating the visible buttons, you’re allowing a lot more space for other functionalities. Some would go so far as to say that buttonless UI is actually the first step to the true virtual interface with complete gesture-based interactions. We’ll have to wait and see which direction the design will be taken in the future.

Engaging Interface Animation

Animation, like well-designed illustration, is still one of the best ways to engage with your users. Some might even argue that it’s hands-down the best way to entice personal engagement with the users. However, there’s always been a camp of nay-sayers that believe that animation in the UI design overloads the interface and makes it unnecessarily complicated.

Some genius designers out there came up with a way to eliminate this issue while keeping the animations concise and to the point. They use micro-interactions to create fast feedback and efficient and intuitive navigation system. These creative designers include animated buttons, switches, toggles, and other interactive elements to inform the user in split seconds. By doing this, you can get the fastest and interactive method of navigation without cluttering up your UI navigation bars.

Personalization of User Experience

Websites and apps are allowing users to customize their own interface with more sophisticated options. This personalized experience is a great way to make sure that users can get the most out of the app, and the freedom they’re allowed enhances the UX as well.

Hero Images for Landing Pages

Hero banners are the massive visual images that demand the attention of the user at the very first glance. These images set the mood and tone for the users viewing experience, and they are designed to effectively get the message across. Not only that, you can use hero banners to be the call to action for your website’s or app’s main function, as they demand so much attention that no user can miss. Hero banners are becoming more and more popular on landing pages, and it’s not hard to see why.

These are the most popular UI design trends of 2018. If your website or app doesn’t include one of this, it might be the reason why your engagement isn’t as high as it could be. Do a little research and see where you’re failing and try to incorporate one of these innovative UI designs into your website.

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