7 Critical Elements That Make A Great Landing Page Design

Let’s say that you have a great website and an amazing product. You know that it’s certainly going to make the lives of your target audience easier - if only they purchased it! A great product certainly is the basic requirement for a strong company, but you’ve got to convince your visitors that you’re worth their money. This is precisely why you need to create a great landing page.

Landing pages have only one goal in mind, and that’s to get visitors to perform a particular action. If you are looking to sell your product, for instance, you’ll be measuring your success based on the conversion rate and sales. Sales landing pages are frequently used by businesses, and they have to create pages with great headlines, visual cues that attract, and solid social proof.

Your product isn’t the only factor at play when trying to sell. The design of your landing page can make more of a difference than you’d think. If your page isn’t optimized, you won’t be seeing the results you should be. With a great design, on the other hand, you can sell more and maximize your reach.

With that in mind, here are a few elements of an amazing landing page:


1 - Compelling Headline

The first thing people see when they click through to your landing page is your headline. This is the beginning of the few seconds you have to grab their attention. You need to ensure that your headline states what you’re offering and why they should choose you over others. Use your sub-headlines to add any other important information.

If you don’t have a clear, concise headline, chances are visitors will bounce off your page shortly after getting on. The best way to keep them there is to communicate exactly what you have to offer.

2 - Attention-Grabbing Photos

People respond to visual cues, so make sure that the photos you place on your landing page contribute to the final goal: to get visitors to convert. Consider a photo of someone smiling while looking at what you want their gaze to fall on. This technique is one that many landing page designers use to get people to look where they are supposed to so that they can travel further down the funnel.

3 - Persuasive text content

The text on your landing page should be persuasive. And above all, it should be legible. This is not the time to be using your favorite script font. If your message doesn’t get across, your page is useless. Make sure it is legible and persuasive, and you’ll keep them there longer to convince them that they need your product.

4 - Sense of urgency

One of the best things you can do for your landing page is to convey a sense of urgency. By telling people that your offer is limited and encouraging them that they need to act now, you can compel them to convert more quickly.

5 - Money-Back Guarantee

You have to come off as trustworthy if you want people to convert. If they don’t trust you, why would they be giving you any of their information or purchasing anything from you? A money-back guarantee is often a fantastic way of building trust and credibility.

6 - Clear Visual Guide

As aforementioned, your landing page has one goal, and one goal only. You want people to execute a particular action. Therefore, you don’t want to be putting anything else on the page that will distract them from that purpose. Include lots of white space and make it obvious where their eyes should move through the page. This will help visitors to see relationships and understand what they are supposed to do.

7 - Simple Form

You could have an amazing landing page and thoroughly convince visitors that they want to convert, but if you lose them before they finish completing the task, you’ve lost a conversion. It’s crucial for you to make your form as pain-free as possible so that your visitors aren’t overwhelmed and will want to input their information. Minimize the form fields you use and only include what is necessary. This will increase your conversions in no time!

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