5 Sales Issues That Can Be Solved With Great UX Design

Not long ago, a study was done looking at the differences between companies that put a lot of time in their customer experience and companies that did not. Over half a decade, data indicated that the companies whose business activities put a focus on customer experience experienced revenue growth of nearly 20%. Companies that did not, however, grew at a mere 3%.

Though customer experience is certainly valuable, don’t forget that as your company aims to improve growth rates, you cannot risk neglecting internal activities - it could make just as much of a difference as revenue-creating activities do. Therefore, you wouldn’t be preparing yourself for the long-term if you only implemented strategies that developed CX.

Instead of emphasizing CX, you could look to UX. User experience-driven practices helps you to develop campaigns and projects that won’t only be of use to your customers, but also to your team. Your sales team, in particular, can benefit from this as they find new ways to deal with consumers who are more informed than ever in the online marketplace.

How exactly does providing a great user experience help your sales team to make more sales? Read on to learn more about the problems that sales teams often run into. If they are problems that your team often encounters, it may be time to invest a little more into your user experience.

They’ve got too many administrative processes

Salespeople agree on one thing - there’s no magic formula to being a great seller. It’s more of a numbers game, really. The more calls you make, the more leads you follow up on, the more sales you will be able to make. Every sale involves administrative tasks, and if your top seller is spending way too much time on that, they won’t have time to be doing what they are supposed to do - make sales. A great interface could reduce your sales team’s administrative duties and help them sell more.

They are becoming social media influencers

Facebook is more than just a way to connect with friends and family. Social media as a whole now involves a lot more business and marketing than it did before. You can certainly take advantages. At the same time, however, you want your sales team to avoid becoming social media influencers. This is a waste of time and resources. Instead, use chatbots to help customers make the move from social media channels to the actual path of conversion.

Queries and issues aren’t going where they are supposed to go

Having great customer service is definitely an advantage in the customer satisfaction department. However, that doesn’t mean your sales team should be caught up in those things. They are here to sell, not respond to service issues. If you find that your sales team is spending too much time on customer service, you may need to rework your website page navigation to make it easier for visitors find where their queries are supposed to be going to.

Their leads aren’t high-quality

Are you more likely to sell to someone who is already convinced that they have a need for your product and is already evaluating where best to purchase it, or someone who doesn’t think they need your product? The former, of course. Your sales team will be making more sales if their leads are closer to purchase. User experience can do two different things for this.

First of all, you can do user research and figure out who exactly your customers are. This will help your sales team to know which segments of the market to target, and how to reach them.

Second of all, having bad placement or timings for different forms and calls to action may very well result in a lot of lost opportunity. A great user experience when it comes to registering or purchasing your product will do wonders for increasing sales.

Customers are leaving their shopping carts

Have you ever added a product or two into an online shopping cart, only to leave it? Chances are that poor customer experience played a role in it. Perhaps the checkout process was way too complex, or you couldn’t see the final order cost. Maybe you were being forced to create an account, or the website had some issues. Maybe you just weren’t sure if you wanted to trust the site with your credit card information.

Whatever it is, a great user experience can greatly reduce the abandoned shopping cart situation on your website. Make it easy for customers to purchase, and create a user experience that they will tell their friends about.

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